Thursday, March 22, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

ok. i'm going nuts-o.
There are babies EVERYWHERE these days. I'm being hounded. Baby commercials. Friends getting prego with babies. Babies in stores who smile at us from grocery carts. Baby stories on TLC. Babies on blogs. Babies last night on tv that almost made me cry {ridiculous?}, babies in class, TALKING about babies in class, babies that wave and smile at me in parking lots like they know ... somethingwhat the heck is going on?

I keep going back and forth talking myself in-and-out, in-and-out of this whole psychological hounding I've been getting. Brain thought: "We've been married one year ... I'm almost done with school ... it could work ... oh stop thinking about it, it's not part of the plan ... we need this time together ... but what if you're getting these thoughts because you CAN'T get pregnant and you need to start trying now ... but then what if you get pregnant right away? and you're still in school? and what about money ... and what about those times that you are so glad that you hadn't started a family yet because you needed time with husband? ... yes, but it's time ... NO ... just calm down, it's not time."
Okay? you see? I'm going bi-polar here!! I'm a freakin nut-case about this and I shouldn't be

I don't mean to alarm anyone, or give the impression that we're gonna go make ourselves a baby just because I'm having a 'heart-attack', {if you will}.

And surprisingly... I do feel a little bit better now. So ... there you go.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My week thus far...

-Walking in a certain direction and then realizing that I actually need to be going the other direction … an awkward moment in and of itself. So what's the only logical reaction for a situation like this? Of course whipping out my cell phone, feigning an urgent text and furrowing my brow so that anyone who's watching me knows there's some kind of explanation for my abrupt 180. You know you do it.

-The half a second it gets quiet in Relief Society and suddenly my stomach decides to start rumbling. Over and over and over again. So then I have to cover for it right? So I make awkward, I'm sorry people faces and hold my stomach. Sometimes I wish I could just stand up and be like "Um. Excuse me. My stomach is going to be making some very loud noises for the next 20 minutes. So if you could just not look at me ... That would be great. OK thanks."

-Trying to open a door by pushing. And then seeing the sign that says PULL. But there's people around, so you have to cover and be like "oh woopsies. didn't see that sign there. ha-ha .................... ha."

-This problem I have with my nails polish. See, if one nail chips off a little, suddenly they all have to go. But this is done pretty much subconsciously. So I'll be sitting there, and then I'll look down and be like, what the?? WHO scraped all my nail polish off? And why is there a sparkly mess in my lap?
It's very confusing.

- Jammin to my washing machine. I swear I could hear drums AND a base in last night's performance.

-Wearing my dirty, unwashed hair in a sumo bun... everyday... since Monday.

-Pulling an extremely long hair out of Tyrel's eyebrow. Sexy as always ;)

-My hair after I woke up this morning. Must be killin those dance moves in my sleep.


-Husband unconsciously rubbing my legs... even though they desperately need to be shaved. Ah the blissfulness of the comfortability of marriage.

-Chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. Need I say more?

-Adding something to my to do list that I've already done just so I can cross it off to feel that much more accomplished.

-Husband did the laundry today! All by himself! And I didn't even ask him to :)

-Good morning toothpaste kisses from husband.

-Vanilla Coke... seriously, where has this been all my life?! I am just now starting to live.

-Listening to dad wheeze/laugh as he's trying to tell a joke but can't because it's that hilarious. :)

-Having a grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup for dinner for the 3rd night in a row. Three cheers for being on that tight of a budget.

Happy Wednesday friends :)