Thursday, March 22, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

ok. i'm going nuts-o.
There are babies EVERYWHERE these days. I'm being hounded. Baby commercials. Friends getting prego with babies. Babies in stores who smile at us from grocery carts. Baby stories on TLC. Babies on blogs. Babies last night on tv that almost made me cry {ridiculous?}, babies in class, TALKING about babies in class, babies that wave and smile at me in parking lots like they know ... somethingwhat the heck is going on?

I keep going back and forth talking myself in-and-out, in-and-out of this whole psychological hounding I've been getting. Brain thought: "We've been married one year ... I'm almost done with school ... it could work ... oh stop thinking about it, it's not part of the plan ... we need this time together ... but what if you're getting these thoughts because you CAN'T get pregnant and you need to start trying now ... but then what if you get pregnant right away? and you're still in school? and what about money ... and what about those times that you are so glad that you hadn't started a family yet because you needed time with husband? ... yes, but it's time ... NO ... just calm down, it's not time."
Okay? you see? I'm going bi-polar here!! I'm a freakin nut-case about this and I shouldn't be

I don't mean to alarm anyone, or give the impression that we're gonna go make ourselves a baby just because I'm having a 'heart-attack', {if you will}.

And surprisingly... I do feel a little bit better now. So ... there you go.


  1. You're nesting!!! ... and you're adorable!!!

  2. the funny thing is that we knew for us that it was time to have a baby when we both started to get that way. my hubby wanted kids right away cause all of his friends already had 1-2 kids. he is 5 years older then me. we decided that after our first anniversary we would get pregnant. littal did we know i would lose my job. after i became unemployed and the time came that we had planned to get pregnant we felt more then ever that we needed this baby. so with half of our income gone we intentionaly got pregnant. we had to move in with my inlaws but i dont regret it. we love our son and i know i wouldnt have gotten the same sweet boy if i would have waited. when i was pregnant i went to the temple twice a month and then at 8months i went once and some times twice a week. i knew god would help us if this was ment for our family. pray, fast, and go to the temple. also praying as a couple is important when you are making family desisions.

  3. The Lord knows what is best for you, and I'm sure you are including Him in all of your decisions.
    When it is time for you to have your babies, just remember that they will only enhance the love that you have for eachother and make your love all the deeper and better. And, you will never have enough money to have kids...or be fully ready for it. So don't worry! Having children is an incredible leap of faith and is the best thing in the whole world! Whenever the Lord wants you to have children, you will be a fantastic mother!