Saturday, July 2, 2011

Once upon a time...

True story:
Driving from Salt Lake to Provo 2009.
Me: "Mom, do you think I already know the person I'm going to marry?"
Mom: "I'm not sure, why?"
Me: "Just wondering... I wish I knew who it was"
Mom: "I kind of have a feeling he's serving a mission right now..."

But seriously though.. this is where the real story begins :) 

I was done with boys. So done. Tired of boys only acting like gentlemen. Tired of not clicking with anyone. Tired of lame dates. Tired of believing there really was a prince charming out there waiting to sweep me off my feet.

I had started a list when I was about 16 titled "Qualities of my future husband". (Original right?) That list was getting longer and longer. I truly believed that there wasn't a guy out there that would live up to all of the qualities on my list. (Little did I know!)

Anyway, I was working late one night when I got a text from a friend inviting me to go to a singles ward pool party with her after work. (I was done with the singles ward too, home ward is the way to go) She tempted me with "there are new cute guys in the ward that will be there!" Eh. No thanks.

After getting off work and going home, my mom asked me what plans I had that night. I told her there was a pool party but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. Being the supportive mother she is, she suggested I go... even if it was just for a few minutes. And I did.

I arrived at the party, feeling awkward as usual, (you'll soon find out just how big of an akward magnet I really am) trying to quickly scan the crowd for my group of friends. And guess who was with them... the "new cute guys in the ward". Great.

We all introduced ourselves and after a few minutes of talking, decided to move to the hot tub. I climbed in wondering how much longer I should stay before it would be appropriate for me to leave. And that's when it happened...

Oh, Alexandra this is Tiny!

Tiny? I whispered to my friend.

He's one of the new cute guys in the ward, nobody can remember his name so we call him Tiny because he's so tall.

Actually, my name is Tyrel. What's your name?

This is the part where my face starts getting really red and really hot. I start getting super clutsy and I stutter all over my words. (Awkward right?)

Alexandra. Nice to meet you.

I was so done for. Instant crush. So much for the whole being done with boys thing right? He was seriously the cutest guy I had ever seen which was definitely a plus, but what was even more attractive was the fact that there was something different about him. I wanted to be close to him. I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to be his best friend. There was a special feeling that he carried with him. I knew he was a good guy.

We talked the rest of the night about nothing and everything all at the same time. He was a small town boy from Fillmore, UT. He had just come home from a mission to Montana and was now in Las Vegas for the summer selling food storage.

Like I said, major crush.

When it came time to say our goodbyes, I didn't want to leave and neither did he. We flirted and he asked for my phone number, which I excitedly gave to him. He walked me to the back gate and we said our last goodbye. I walked away feeling like I was floating on air. I really liked this boy. I turned around to see if I could get one last look at him only to find him peeking over the gate to get one last look at me too.



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  1. That is such a cute story!!! You are an awesome writer! I love your blog!!!